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Wilden King Cobra peristaltic pump, available from Integrity Pumps and Engineering

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Integrity Pumps and Engineering  now have in stock the Wilden King Cobra peristaltic pump, ready to be built for any company's needs.

The simple seal-free design is run-dry capable, reliable and eliminates any potential leak points. This peristaltic pump is easy to operate, inexpensive to maintain and provides up to 9m of dry suction lift.

The heavy duty ductile iron and stainless steel construction allow discharge pressures up to 15 bar (217 psi), which makes this peristaltic pump ideal for a range of industries requiring higher discharge pressures, such as:

  • chemical process
  • food 
  • industrial and municipal water treatment 
  • paints and coatings
  • ceramics
  • mining
  • filter press equipment
  • nuclear
  • slurry.
The following hoses are available for use in the Wilden King Cobra series peristaltic pumps:
  • natural rubber - highly resilient with excellent abrasion resistance and strength
  • Buna-N - highly wear resistant to oily products
  • EPDM - highly chemical resistant, especially with concentrated acids and alcohols.
The King Cobra peristaltic pumping action is achieved by compression of an elastomeric hose against a pump casing with two opposed rotating shoes. The rotational motion, created by a gear reduced motor, forces fluid in the hose to move ahead of each shoe. When each shoe reaches the end of the hose, the reinforced tube immediately returns to its original shape resulting in suction and priming capabilities. The user can also reverse the motor for a variety of process application needs.

The pump casing is partially filled with lubricant to reduce friction of the shoes on the hose. The inside of the hose and hose inserts are the only wetted components in contact with process fluids, allowing aggressive and contaminated fluids to be pumped safely, reliably, and effectively.

Features and benefits of the Wilden King Cobra peristaltic pump include:

  • viscous or abrasive sludge
  • corrosive chemicals
  • sheer sensitive materials
  • seal-less construction
  • simple and inexpensive maintenance
  • reversible pump
  • continuous dry running capability
  • appropriate for abrasive products
  • excellent volumetric capacity (dosing)
  • self priming
  • suction lift up to 9 metres of water
  • particles (not sharp) up to 15-25% of hose size.

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