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Roto GD agricultural pumps available from Integrity Pumps and Engineering

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article image The Roto GD Series of agricultural pumps have a robust and compact design

The Roto GD Series of agricultural pumps is now in stock and available from Integrity Pumps and Engineering . These agricultural pumps feature a robust and compact design, a proven two pin cardan joint and cost less to maintain.

The Roto GD Series of agricultural pumps comprises a single external helix precision machined metal rotor and a double internal helix elastomer stator. These agricultural pumps are built on the robust field proven ‘M’ range series such as CARDAN universal joint and improved Rotor-Stator geometry that ensures a lower life cycle. Formulation to compound preparation and moulding under strict process control in the captive polymer division not only ensures superior quality of stators but also a high degree of dimensional accuracy and repeatability.

Roto GD agricultural pumps have an improved Rotor-Stator geometry that minimises wear due to lower rubbing velocity, as compared to conventional geometry, particularly useful in abrasive application. Lower starting torque and effective sealing line improves volumetric efficiency resulting in reduced power consumption.

The pump housing of these agricultural pumps has been designed to reduce entry losses and has an easy draining slope. The suction port can be rotated in four positions at 90 degree angles apart.

The external stuffing box facilitates easy access to the lantern ring and other flushing connections required for mechanical seals. The smarter shaft sealing arrangement is easier than ever before dismantling and mounting of seals without the need of dissembling the bearing housing.

Typical applications used for Roto GD agricultural pumps include:

  • Effluent field irrigation 
  • Animal effluent pumping 
  • Salty water pumping
Features and benefits of Roto GD agricultural pumps include: 
  • Inherently self-priming: head developed independent of speed and avoids the use of a foot valve 
  • Inherently non-clogging: ability to handle entrained air/gas in fluid, which handles a high percentage of suspended fluids 
  • Reversible: the bare-shaft pump provides flexibility of a reversible operation 
  • Rotary positive displacement: uniform non-pulsating metered flow proportional to speed

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