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Roto DC cavity pumps available from Integrity Pumps and Engineering

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article image Roto DC cavity pumps are compact, lightweight and easy to maintain

The Roto DC Series of cavity pumps that feature a comprehensive cavity pumping principle are now in stock and available from Integrity Pumps and Engineering .

Roto DC cavity pumps consist of a precision machined, single external helix metallic rotor and a double internal helix elastomer stator.

Due to the special profile of the rotor and stator, a sealing line is formed along the axis of the rotor which is maintained either at static or at dynamic condition. The cavities progress from suction to discharge end of the pump carrying fluid as the rotor turns within the stator.

Roto DC cavity pumps are lightweight, compact and easy to maintain, and feature stainless steel internal rotating parts and a silent and non-pulsating operation.

Other design features and benefits of Roto DC cavity pumps include:

  • Discharge head up to 30 metres
  • Positive displacement 
  • Self-priming up to 6 metres 
  • Standard industry frame sized motors
Material Options for the Roto DC cavity pump are: 
  • Cast iron casing for pump sizes DC-41 and DC-51 
  • Natural, Nitrile, High Nitrile, Chloro-sulphonated rubber and fluoro elastomer stator 
  • Stainless steel hard chrome plated Rotor 
  • UV resistant housing for pump sizes DC-11, DC-12 and DC-31
Typical applications used by the Roto DC Series cavity pumps include: 
  • Automatic water pressure systems 
  • Brine injection 
  • Circulation and injection of oils and chemicals 
  • Circulation of water to feeding ponds and sprinkler systems 
  • Drainage of septic tanks and waste oil sumps 
  • Drawing water from wells, creeks and shallow bores 
  • Dosing chemicals and sampling in water treatment plants 
  • Hosing down of cattle and cattle sheds 
  • Oil water separator 
  • Solar water pumping 
  • Transfer duties in food processing, winery and oils 
  • Transfer and filtering of chemicals and oils

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