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Roto DC ‘Little Champ’ pumps from Integrity Pumps and Engineering

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Available from Integrity Pumps and Engineering , the new range of Roto DC ‘Little Champ’ pumps in the DC Series is designed for general purpose pumping applications that demand high performance and durability.  

Roto DC ‘Little Champ’ pumps are multi-tasking pumps that offer versatile application in dosing, transfer and injection duties for a wide variety of fluids. The pumps offer excellent suction lift capabilities with low shear and linear flow characteristics.  

In addition to handling liquids of varying viscosity, the Roto pumps can also handle liquids containing fine solids.  

Available in four sizes with flow rates ranging from 780 litres per hour to 8000 litres per hour and pressures up to 2.8 bar, Roto pumps deliver several benefits to users.  

Key features of Roto DC ‘Little Champ’ pumps:  

  • Flow is directly proportional to speed
  • Excellent suction lift capabilities
  • Low shear and linear flow
  • Handles liquids with varying viscosity
  • Handles liquids with fine solids
  • Minimum impact on efficiencies with varying heads

Typical applications of Roto DC ‘Little Champ’ pumps:  

  • Transfer and dosing of chemicals and alkalis
  • Transfer duties in food processing, winery and vegetable oils
  • Drainage of septic tanks
  • Feeding of oily water separators
  • Drawing of water from wells, creeks or shallow bores
  • Hosing down of cattle and stock sheds
  • Automatic water pressure systems
  • Brine injection
  • Feeding ponds and sprinkler systems
  • Diesel transfer
  • Handling detergents

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