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Rambor Top Mount Roofbolters from Integrity Pumps and Engineering

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Integrity Pumps and Engineering  presents the Rambor top mount roofbolter, a new line of low pressure roof bolters featuring a lightweight design and weighing from 33.5kg to 44.5kg.  

Rambor top mount roofbolters feature a twin dump valve system that increases the speed of the bolter while allowing the leg sections to retract without help from the operator, enabling the exhaust to work at twice the normal rate. Single dump roofbolters are available for users requiring slower retraction.  

The outer leg is attached to the headpiece in the Rambor top mount roofbolters. Featuring an advanced leg thrust, the roofbolters come with a cone and cup bearing in the top end of the gear box to withstand end loads when bolting.  

This bearing type minimises maintenance on the gear box components by protecting the cam clutch and gearbox.  

The water jacket relief vents have been fitted with water distribution blocks should the water seal fail, preventing water leaking into the gear box motor and allowing it to be vented outside.  

Rambor’s top mount roofbolters are fitted with a unique silencer system that reduces noise levels to as low as 84 db(A) in addition to minimising oil misting on discharge.

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