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Grundfos Pump Genie from Integrity Pumps and Engineering

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Integrity Pumps and Engineering provides Grundfos Pump Genie, an interconnecting device, which allows everyone in all main industries to save precious drinking water by using their harvested rainwater for toilet, laundry and garden application.
The Grundfos Pump Genie is a interconnect device that enables the use of two different water supplies, mains water and rainwater. It coincides with an ever growing awareness of sustainable living practices, and provides a solution, thereby households will be able to make use of harvested rainwater, while retaining the convenience of a mains water source backup.  The Pump Genie is used in addition to a Grundfos CH-PC Pump, which draws water from the rainwater tank. The pump is only active when the rainwater is being drawn from the tank. It does not operate when the Pump Genie has switched to mains water.

The pump also features a ‘controller’, which automatically starts and stops the pump when a demand is sensed. In this way, it ensures that the pump is not running unnecessarily and wasting energy.   The Grundfos Pump Genie is always prioritising the use of rainwater and will automatically switch over to a mains water source when the rainwater tank is running low or during an electrical failure.

There are many key features and benefits with the Grundfos Pump Genie, they are:
 Easy to install ·                  
Does not require regular maintenance ·          
Dual check valve for backflow prevention ·   
Suitable for above ground or below ground rainwater tanks · 
10 metre rainwater tank float lead is a standard ·         
Max flow rate is 60 litres/min ·              
Max mains water pressure is 600 kPa ·             
 Mains water inlet size via dual check valve ¾ inch BSP ·       
 Outlet size is ¾ inch BSP

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