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Grundfos Multistage CR/CRN Pumps from Integrity Pumps and Engineering

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Known for their reliability and proven performance, Grundfos multistage CR/CRN pumps are available at Integrity Pumps and Engineering .  

Integrity Pumps and Engineering introduce an expanded range of large in-line centrifugal pumps from Grundfos featuring an improved design and offering increased flows as well as higher pressure.  

Additionally, the new Grundfos multistage CR/CRN pumps are now even more robust and energy-efficient.  

Grundfos multi stage pumps are suitable as water supply pumps, irrigation pumps, washdown pumps, boiler feed pumps and booster pumps. The Grundfos pumps can be directly coupled to either single phase or 3-phase Grundfos motors.   

Conventional pumps come with a special coating on their cast iron components to resist corrosion and extend longevity. Grundfos multistage pumps have their external components made from stainless steel with water lubricated bearings and seals.  

Key features of Grundfos multistage CR/CRN pumps:

  • Vertical in-line design provides a compact installation
  • Maintenance-free mechanical shaft seal
  • Totally enclosed fan-cooled Grundfos standard motor
  • Suitable for slightly aggressive liquids
  • Single pump solution enabling high pressure

Applications for Grundfos multistage CR/CRN pumps:

  • Water supply systems for housing estates, offices, industry and agriculture
  • Boiler feeding systems
  • Irrigation of golf courses, parks and vineyards
  • Ideal for liquids such as de-mineralised and de-ionised water, softened water, raw water and mildly aggressive chemicals
  • Industrial plants

Operation conditions of Grundfos Multistage CR/CRN pumps: 

  • Flow rate up to 120 m³/hour
  • Up to 230m head
  • Liquid temperature between -30ºC and +150ºC

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