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Grundfos CRN Magdrive pumps are suitable for those looking to pump dangerous, aggressive, volatile or precious media. They are now available from Integrity Pumps and Engineering .

Grundfos CRN Mag drive pumps are completely leak-free as the pump shaft is rotated from the outside forces of magnetism, so the liquid cannot escape its closed circuit.

The advantage of the hermetically sealed magnetic drive is available on the Grundfos CRN Magdrive pump with a rated power up to 22kW. No matter how powerful a motor you need, you get a pump which combines high speed and compactness – and the benefits of patented technologies you won’t find anywhere else.

How does the Grundfos CRN Magdrive pump work?

A magnetic coupling uses the force of magnetism to transmit power from the drive to the shaft. The magnets are included in completely separate parts – only the force of the magnetism combines the two. When the drive moves the magnets, which turn also, causing the shaft in the liquid to rotate and create the required pumping action. The shaft does not penetrate through the two parts, which means there are no holes or seals through which the liquid can escape – the result is hermetically sealed, safe pumping.

Tech Data for Grundfos CRN Magdrive pumps:

  • Maximum pressure = 25 bar
  • Maximum ambient temperature = 40º C
  • Viscosity range of 0.3-300 mPas
  • Maximum liquid temperature = 120º C
  • Flow range of up to 120 m³/hr

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