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Graco T2 2:1 Transfer Pump

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Integrity Pumps and Engineering  have available the Graco T2 2:1 Transfer Pumps. Graco T2 2:1 Transfer Pumps are designed for long life and smooth operation.

Integrity Pumps and Engineering can specify the features and benefits of the Graco T2 2:1 Transfer Pump:

• O-ring seal design is more durable and lasts longer – more spraying uptime and less time on maintenance
• Provide consistent feed pressures and flow rates for dependable results
• Lower pressure drops with higher viscosity materials at any ambient temperature 

Typical fluids handled by Graco T2 2:1 Transfer pumps are:

• Solvents
• Cleaning chemical supply
• Chemicals
• Catalysts
• Isocyanates
• Adhesives
• Resins 

Typical applications used for the Graco T2 2:1 Transfer Pump are:

• Foam chemical supply
• Spray gun supply
• Dispensing valve supply
• Cleaning chemical supply
• Fluid transfer

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