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Aussie Pumps high pressure hydrostatic testers from Integrity Pumps and Engineering

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Integrity Pumps and Engineering  presents the 7,000 psi hydrostatic testers designed for various hydrostatic testing and leak detection applications.  

The Aussie Pumps Raptor HTP is a range of petrol or diesel-driven hydrostatic testers offering flows up to 13 litres per minute. It features a big Udor 7,000 psi Penta style pump in a quintuplex design that utilises a machined stainless steel head with a big oil filled crank case for cool running.  

The pump is designed to run at 1450 rpm and enables the Raptor HTP to test pipelines, compressors and pumps in the oil and gas industry.  

Key applications of the Aussie Pumps Raptor HTP hydrostatic testers:  

  • Leak detection in water pipelines
  • Hydrostatic testing of boilers
  • Hydrostatic testing of pressure vessels
  • Oil or gas pipeline testing
  • Hydrostatic testing of pumps, valves or fire mains

Key features of the Aussie Pumps hydrostatic testers:  

  • Powered by a Hatz air cooled industrial engine
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel frame on four wheels for easy manoeuvrability onsite
  • Fully adjustable pressure unloader enables the operator to set the required pressure
  • Double pressure gauge system enables the operator to lock off the test lines and monitor both pump and pressure lines simultaneously
  • Super high pressures up to 500 bar (7,300 psi)
  • Big flows up to 20 lpm
  • Simple piston pump design
  • Integrated control valve
  • Gear box drive

Key benefits of the Aussie Pumps high pressure hydrostatic testers: 

  • Handles a wide range of tests
  • Fast pump up to pressure
  • Easy to service
  • Easy to check for leaks
  • Operator can adjust to required pressure
  • Safer with no exposed moving parts
  • Easy to move on site  

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