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Albin ALP Peristaltic Pump from Integrity Pumps and Engineering

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article image Albin ALP Peristaltic Pump from Integrity Pumps and Engineering

Integrity Pumps and Engineering  is the agent for Wilden Double Diaphragm Pumps and Roto progressive cavity pumps and provide repair services for cavity pumps and associated parts. They stock the Albin ALP Peristaltic Pump, which provides process confidence through:

  • Accurate and repeatable dosing and metering
  • Long life and optimal reliability
  • Self priming
  • Continuous dry running
  • Quick and easy maintenance

Albin ALP Peristaltic Pumps have no seals, valves, diaphragms, glands or immersed rotors to leak, clog or replace. Abrasive, corrosive and aggressive liquids are handled with ease because the fluid stays within the tube and never comes into contact with moving parts of the pump.

The Albin ALP Peristaltic pump range is designed and manufactured for industrial use and along with the advanced elastomer technology to provide accurate performance. 

Operating Data include:

  • Capacity up to 10m3/hr
  • Viscosity up to 15,000 cps
  • Temperature of pumped liquid up to 100 degrees Celsius
  • Differential pressure up to 4 bar

Albin ALP Peristaltic pump are used in various industries including

  • Pharmaceutical industry – chemical dosing, liquid protein, vaccines, serum and syrups.
  • Water treatment – sodium hypochlorite, fluoride, polymers, aqueous ammonia and caustic soda.
  • Pasta industry – egg white and yolk, edible fat and natural flavouring.
  • Cheese manufacturer – cream, milk and yoghurt.
  • Bread dough and fruit cake manufacturers – natural flavourings, water & salt mixtures, fats and fruit cake dough.
  • Shampoo manufacturer – shampoo liquid.

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