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YapperMouse - the only mouse that talks

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article image Designed for notebook users.

INTEGRATED Wireless Distribution has launched world's first VoIP mouse onto the Australian and New Zealand markets.

YapperMouse appears and functions like a regular PC mouse but turns into a Skype USB phone during Skype calls.

Usage-wise, YapperMouse vibrates and rings during an incoming Skype call, and the user simply needs picks up YapperMouse to start the conversation.

YapperMouse is designed for notebook users, especially those who travel frequently and want to call to home or office from a hotel room using Skype.

Before the Mouse, notebook user options were limited and most Skype users carried another USB phone with cable to make Skype calls as they prefered the privacy of conversation through a phone versus the public nature of a conversation through internal notebook microphone and speakers.

For these users YapperMouse makes a lot of sense.

"The YapperMouse eliminates the need to have an extra device for Skype. Now one smart device fulfils the role of PC Mouse and Skype phone, meaning one less gadget to remember to pack when you go traveling," commented Daryl Chambers, director of Integrated Wireless.

YapperNut designed YapperMouse to be a great phone and a great mouse at the same time, and it uses premium features all around, including an 800dpi optical sensor from Agilent Technologies, dual speakers, external sound card, wide-angled microphone and vibration motor.

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