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Free Skype calls on your mobile

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Integrated Wireless Distribution , a leading distributor of VoIP devices for SME and consumers, launches the highly anticipated IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable. The IPdrum solution connects Skype to a mobile phone allowing users to make and receive Skype calls from their own mobile phones anywhere in cellular coverage.

"The Mobile Skype delivers Skype telephony to your mobile phone" said Daryl Chambers Director of IW Distribution.

"Until today, Skype users needed to sit in front of their PC to make and receive Skype calls. Now you can receive and make Skype calls wherever cellular coverage exists, allowing users to take advantage of all that Skype offers while on the move." Daryl Chambers added

The IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable connects an old mobile phone to the USB and sound ports of a computer and this acts as a base phone (or a mini-Skype gateway). When the software is installed, this base mobile can be used as a bridge for the Skype application, allowing users to forward Skype calls to the mobile phone they currently use. Similarly, you can use the gateway to place a Skype call.

To take advantage of low cost calls between mobile phones a user simply needs to get another SIM card for the base phone on the same bill and in many cases the operator offers free or very low cost calls between the SIMs so diversion costs are minimised.

The IPdrum solution brings Skype telephony to any mobile phone and is not restricted to special "Hotspots" or zones where technologies such as WiFi are available.

The main features of the Mobile Skype cable are the ability to forward incoming Skype calls to your mobile phone, and to make outgoing calls from your mobile to other Skype users via Skype, and to stationary and mobile telephones using the SkypeOut subscription service

Currently, IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable supports Windows XP and the product is now available for use with most Nokia and Sony Ericsson base phones. It retails for $129 incl. GST.

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