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Recycled Plastic Fencing Products from Integrated Recycling

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New plastic and recycling technologies developed by Mildura-based Integrated Recycling (IR) are increasingly being adopted across the fencing industry.  

IR’s technology is used to recycle agricultural and polyethylene-based plastics into a range of timber, concrete and steel substitute products, preventing the entry of waste plastic into landfill.  

IR’s range of strong plastic endurance products made from recycled plastic includes fencing posts and fencing stakes for fencing and crop support. The fencing products range includes posts, strainers and stays in round, square and rectangular profiles.  

The recycled plastic fencing products are sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives to traditional timber, metal and wire fencing systems.  

Key advantages of IR’s recycled plastic fencing products:

  • Easy to handle, non-toxic and washable
  • Can be drilled, screwed and stapled
  • Resists breakage and does not splinter
  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • Ideal for electrified fencing
  • Simple installation similar to timber posts
  • Installed using a pneumatic or hydraulic post driver, or post hole digger
  • Non-leaching, fire-resistant and maintenance-free
  • Tested and proven to outlast products traditionally made from wood
  • Resistant to extreme climates, UV, pests, water, rot or salty environments 

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