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Integrated Recycling discuss the many benefits of using recycled plastic composite

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Integrated Recycling are a Mildura based company that sources end of life materials from a variety of places, principally from the agricultural sector in the Sunraysia district from which table grape vine covers, grain bags, irrigation pipe and polystyrene are taken.

Integrated Recycling use what they collect to make strong, rigid, durable and machinable recycled plastic composite that can be used to make products for a variety of applications in agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, landscaping, industry.

Originally created as an alternative to CCA treated wooden posts in vineyards in the Sunraysia district that would not leach contaminants into the surrounding environment, Integrated Recycling's recycled plastic composite material has a number of practical benefits to add to its obvious environmental ones.

Continuously recyclable, this recycled plastic composite is non-toxic and washable for easy maintenance and can be drilled, screwed, stapled, and routed. It is easy to handle, highly resistant to breakage and will not splinter. For agricultural applications, it is able to accept electric pulse for animal containment.

Products made from Integrated Recycling's patented recycled plastic composite mix will also generally outlast products traditionally made from wood. Products made from this plastic composite are unaffected by extreme climates, rot resistant and have very low water absorption. This material is non-leaching of contaminants beyond minimal detectable levels meaning it is suitable for sensitive marine environments and it's UV resistant and immunity to pests make recycled plastic composite ideal for agricultural and applications.

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