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X-Tend mulch film available from Integrated Packaging

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X-Tend mulch film protects and improves plant growth for large horticultural applications particularly melons, capsicums, tomatoes and chillies.

X-Tend mulch film from Integrated Packaging is manufactured in Australia, X-Tend mulch film features high UV stability and opacity to control weed growth and moisture loss, plus more metres per roll to achieve lower costs per acre.

Faster to apply and remove, X-Tend mulch film fits tightly over the bed for maximum performance. X-Tend mulch film also significantly reduces labour and chemical costs and comes in a variety of widths, lengths, gauges and colours to suit multiple crops.

Features and benefits of X-Tend mulch film include:

  • Faster to apply and remove
  • Greater laying efficiencies
  • Reduces labour and chemical costs
  • Significantly reduces disposal costs
  • Hugs the ground to prevent billowing
  • Good weed control
  • Prevents moisture loss
  • Protects plants and seedlings
  • Hugs the ground to prevent billowing
  • Weed control
  • High UV stability
  • High puncture resistance
  • Longer rolls printing (optional)

Available in:

  • Black pre-stretch X-Tend mulch
  • Black pre-stretch X-Tend mulch is available in extra long rolls
  • Black and black/white conventional mulch film

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