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SilaFARM Product Family available from Integrated Packaging

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Integrated Packaging is Australia’s leading manufacturer of agricultural silage film and a specialist distributor of high quality crop packaging products including netwrap, baling twine and grain storage bags. Designed to contain, secure and enhance harvested fodder, these flexible products are collectively known as The SilaFARM Product Family.

This year, the family has grown to include brands such as; SilaWRAP, SilaWRAP PLUS, EnduroWRAP, SilaNET, SilaTWINE, GrainBAG, SilaTAPE and Sil-All 4x4 Inoculants. With this extensive selection, Integrated Packaging (IP) believes its consumer’s needs are completely covered.

According to Integrated Packaging, the aim of labelling their harvest and silage range under one umbrella brand was to strengthen and unify all of IP’s agricultural products in the market.

Integrated Packaging’s silage stretch films are popular and widely used and Integrated Packaging goal is to continue to grow the whole brand, so that Integrated Packaging’s netwrap, baling twine, grain storage bags and other harvest products also lead the market.

According to Integrated Packaging, this approach has been quite successful. The SilaFARM Product Family is firmly becoming an established name, a brand that consumers and resellers trust and identify with.

With the recent addition of GrainBAG, a cost effective grain storage solution, Integrated Packaging believes that they are offering its customers a one-stop-shop product range to ultimately catering for every crop packaging need.’

Integrated Packaging has been through many changes in the hay and silage wrapping markets. Back in 1984, they pioneered the way as the first in the world to ever wrap bales in stretch film.

Integrated Packaging has learnt that the consumers of today want more choice and sound advice as well as quality and value and so they have adapted thier range to meet this demand. Integrated Packaging’s extensive SilaFARM Product Family delivers high quality products in a variety of widths, lengths and yields designed to maximise return on bale and silage investments. Integrated Packaging’s range can cater to any budget and application requirement.

Integrated Packaging manufactures The SilaFARM Product Family stretch films in Reservoir, Victoria and in Auckland, New Zealand using state of the art facilities.

SilaWRAP is the original silage stretch film and is IP’s most well known and used silage product. SilaWRAP Plus includes patented Altex pre-stretch technology which boosts efficiency by producing more bales per roll.

EnduroWRAP offers even more choice as it comes in customised lengths, widths and gauges to suit individual applications. SilaTAPE is a cost-effective repair solution for accidental or machine damage. It’s made from the same material as SilaWRAP and lasts for the life of the bale.

Integrated Packaging has offer consumers more than 20 years experience and all of its silage films provide advanced protection and complete coverage with high tack, high puncture and tear resistance and a twelve month guarantee against UV degradation.

IP sources its premium quality net and twine from the European Union. Integrated Packaging has commented that there have been a number of cheaper quality nets in the market lately that have displayed signs of weakness and breakdown. SilaNET is sourced from a world leading netwrap manufacturer. In application and performance it’s amongst the high quality netwraps worldwide.

SilaNET is available in full width cover (1.23m) and over the side cover (1.30m) and is available in 2100m or 3100m lengths, which is 5% longer than standard netwraps. SilaNET achieves secure crop protection and complete round bales in hay or silage.

SilaTWINE is offering even tougher twines for round and big or small square bales with specific properties for hassle free baling in all conditions. Available in a variety of high knot strengths, SilaTWINE has a product to suit any bale size and density. Specifically designed for the baling contractor, SilaTWINE’s big square range is manufactured with a single tape construction to ensure strong knot holding and consistent roundness for a smooth, less abrasive run through the baler.

Integrated Packaging has a quality guarantee on all of its products. IP’s SilaFARM Product Family is manufactured to International Quality Standards and is tailored to suit Australia’s unique and harsh conditions.

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