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Reduce packaging waste in distribution centres and warehouses with IPEX Gold stretch film from Integrated Packaging

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article image IPEX Gold can reduce the amount of plastic used to wrap a pallet by up to 15%
This article is the first in a new series by Ferret.com.au focussing on practical ways manufacturers can reduce packaging use and embrace more environmentally sustainable packaging materials in warehouses, factories and distribution centres.

Part two, discussing environmentally sustainable beverage trays for the FMCG sector, can be found by clicking here.

Since the introduction of the first National Packaging Covenant in August, 1999, the Australian packaging industry has committed itself to minimising the environmental impact of used packaging materials.

The current Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) came into effect in July, 2010. It is designed to:
  • minimise the environmental impacts arising from the disposal of used packaging
  • conserve resources through better design and production processes; and
  • facilitate the efficient collection and recycling of used packaging materials.
The Covenant provides a framework for the effective life cycle management of consumer packaging and paper products. This framework is delivered through a collaborative approach between all sectors of the packaging supply chain, consumers, collectors, reprocessors and all spheres of government.

The Packaging Council of Australia is an active proponent of the Covenant, and regularly produces a publication featuring specific examples of packaging changes and innovations it identifies as exemplary in the development of a more sustainable packaging industry. Specifically, the publication identifies products that have "been designed, developed and produced either to reduce their environmental impact or which incorporate significant innovation aspects."

In the latest edition of "Australian Packaging - Real Examples of Change & Innovation", the Council nominated IPEX Gold stretch film from Integrated Packaging as one such product.

IPEX Gold is described as the latest advance in machine stretch film. The Packaging Council of Australia asserts that it sets a new benchmark for strength, durability and peak performance.

It is thinner than conventional stretch film, though it retains and improves upon major strength properties of conventional blown film.

The result is a film that provides cost, efficiency and quality benefits, and has been proven to outperform major cast machine film brands across all key stretch film properties, from strength to clarity.

When using conventional stretch film to wrap a single pallet, a typical volume of at least 101 grams of plastic would be required. Using IPEX Gold stretch film, this can be reduced by up to 15%, resulting in lower wrap costings and less plastic reaching the waste stream.

The Packaging Council of Australia notes that in 2009, Integrated Packaging sold close to 400 tonnes of IPEX Gold, which resulted in a reduction of approximately 60 tonnes of plastic entering the waste stream.

For more information on IPEX Gold stretch film, and Integrated Packaging's complete range of stretch film and equipment, click here.

Integrated Packaging is a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant for sustainable packaging, a member of APMA (Australian Packaging Machinery Association) and ISO9001 Quality Accredited.

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