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Range of silage film options available from Integrated Packaging

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As film technology and consumer needs have developed, more and more silage film options have become available.

Farmers and contractors now have a growing number of choices in silage film colour, thickness, revolutions and manufacture.

Selecting the most suitable bale wrap for your operation can prove difficult and your choice might not be the best if you do not have all the information you require.

To get the best outcome – i.e., successful and efficient bale wrapping every time – among the key things you need to consider are quality, silage film properties, application methods, maintenance and set up of machinery.

Silage film quality should always be the key consideration in the selection process. Manufacturing standards are not enforced for silage film, so it’s important to go with a well known and proven brand.

Next a whole series of questions arises: should I go for a high quality blown film?, cast film?, pre-stretch film?, mono? or co-extrusion film? And what does it all mean?

The answer to selecting the right silage film to wrap your bales is based in matching your fodder handling and management systems with certain film characteristics.

SilaWRAP, SilaWRAP PLUS and EnduroWRAP are all quality silage film brands from Integrated Packaging and it offers a range of products to suit various bale wrap requirements.

Integrated Packaging is a specialist in this field and it can assist you in selecting the correct silage film for your needs.

Good silage wrapping and greater cost benefits are achieved when operational requirements and quality product meet with diligent maintenance and accurate application.

So it is important to seek the right advice from informed parties such as Integrated Packaging.

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