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Pre-stretch industrial pallet wrapping film available from Integrated Packaging

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Excell film from Integrated Packaging is a pre-stretched film that turns pallets into packages with ease and convenience.

Pre-stretch industrial pallet wrapping film is ideal for many applications from hand wrapping through to machine wrap.

Excell pre-stretch film is manufactured to improve productivity and to enhance workplace safety via easier handling and fast wrapping techniques.

Pre-stretch industrial pallet wrapping film can be used instead of conventional film to stretch wrap pallets and other valuable loads.

Proven to produce better results for your business, Excell stretch film's light rolls, easy stretch properties and walk forward stretch wrapping techniques reduce OH&S issues like muscle strain and injury.

Excell also uses less stretch film which produces less waste, saving costs and the environment.

This pre-stretch film is suitable to use in any industry, for any pallet wrapping purpose in either hand or machine application.

As it is a blown stretch film, rather than a cast film Excell has greater strength to secure loads.

Pre-stretch industrial pallet wrapping film requires only 7kgs of tension, as opposed to conventional film’s 15kgs, reducing the operator’s effort by around 50%.

As such, it minimises injuries like muscle and back strain and is suitable for any operator, male or female.

Pre-stretch industrial pallet wrapping film also ensures operators do not trip over as it wraps walking forward rather than backward.

By being pre-stretched operators only have to apply an extra 10% stretch, which is 40% less than conventional film.

This light weight and user friendly film increases the number of pallets wrapped and, as it uses less film overall, it achieves the minimum cost per pallet wrapped.

Pre-stretch industrial pallet wrapping film offers a higher tear resistance and greater cling as well as improved scanning properties.

Integrated Packaging has raised the bar in stretch film expectations with Excell.

Excell pre-stretched film is stronger, has greater load stability and has minimal neck-down.

Excell has increased puncture, tear resistance and load retention properties. Excell reduces waste by 30% to 40%. Excell reduces costs by improving efficiencies.

Excell is available in a wide variety of lengths, widths, gauges and colours to suit just about any stretch film application.

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