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Glow in the Dark Bollards from Integrated Recycling

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Integrated Recycling, part of the Integrated Packaging Group specialises in the production of recycled engineered endurance products.  

Integrated Recycling introduces their new line of glow in the dark bollards designed to provide illumination without electrical power.  

Made from virgin linear low density polyethylene resin (LLDPE), these solar charged bollards feature a 150mm bollard sleeve that sits 900mm above the ground. It is used in conjunction with a solid 1.2m inner recycled plastic bollard, allowing up to 600mm below the ground.  

The sleeve can be easily attached at the bottom by drilling and screwing in place. Charging requires 1-5 minutes in direct sunlight or 10-30 minutes in typical indoor lighting.  

Glow in the dark bollards are available in several colours including luminescent green, aqua and blue. All bollards have a pale green appearance in daylight.  

Glow bollards retain a low level glow for extended periods of up to 12 hours and are charged by solar power or indoor and UV lights. Glow in the dark bollards, with a stable and non-reactive pigment are lightweight and easily transportable.  

Solar-powered bollards mainly find application in the delineation of roadways, bike paths, sporting fields, work sites, danger zones, jetties and walkways.  

Solar bollards are also suitable in marine applications as marker posts and buoys or in aquaculture operations as well as on shoreline walls and steps.

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