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Software solutions from Integrated CAD Technologies

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Integrated CAD Technologies  offers different types of software solutions. Some of the software solutions designed by Integrated CAD Technologies include CAM350 as well as various data translators. Integrated CAD Technologies is also involved in the design of data loggers, computer motherboards, handheld calculator products, modern equipment, microwave communication interfaces, UPS controllers, industrial valve controllers, fire evacuation controllers and interfaces, switch mode power supplies as well as high speed digital telecommunication interfaces.

Software solutions offered by Integrated CAD Technologies are known for reliability as well as efficiency. These software solutions are available at cost effective rates. Integrated CAD Technologies also designs various other products including automotive electronics, industrial and consumer alarm systems, digital and audio switch matrices, hand held calculator products, welding controllers, DC motor controllers, RF test equipment and UHF radio interface equipment.

Integrated CAD Technologies has been providing these software solutions for about 30 years. Integrated CAD Technologies offers services including product design, enclosure and panel design as well as product documentation services.

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