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Custom designed analysers from Integrated Analytical Systems

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Integrated Analytical Systems  specialises in building custom designed analyser systems. Integrated Analytical Systems is also involved in the manufacture of process sample handling systems. Integrated Analytical Systems has experience in the selection and application of online processor analysers.

Comprehensive range of analysers with varied measurement technologies dealt by Integrated Analytical Systems include liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, mass spectrometer, moisture and hydrocarbon dew point, I.R. spectrophotometry, oil in water, dissolved oxygen, continuous emission monitoring systems, calorific value, wobble index, research and motor octane number as well as custody transfer. Integrated Analytical Systems has worked with continuous emissions monitoring systems for the detection of CO, NO, HC, SO2, O2 and several other particulates.

Physical property analysers dealt by Integrated Analytical Systems include cloud point, flash point, distillation point, viscosity, colour, specific gravity, gas density, boiling point, freeze point, pour point and R.V.P. Integrated Analytical Systems also designs diverse range of process sampling systems that include manual sampling stations, analyser integration, analyser shelter, sample chillers, sample recovery, hazardous area analysers, hazardous area air conditioning systems, sample conditioning, analyser house pressurisation system and analyser house purge system.

Diverse range of services offered by Integrated Analytical Systems include consulting services, project management services, design, manufacture, integration, support, installation as well as commissioning services.

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