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Integra develops Schneider Electric dressed crate redesign and safer packing processes

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Integra Packaging redesigned a packaging solution for long-time customer Schneider Electric to save significant time and money.

Dave Ormesher, Site Manager Brisbane observes that the solution will exceed $100,000 per annum in savings if one were to add the consumables and productivity improvements. 

As part of a continuous improvement agenda, Integra decided that cost and risk improvements could be made to their customer’s supply chain through a specific design efficiency exercise. 

Sean Clark, Integra Senior Sales Executive and Pack Audit team member for the Group describes the process of improvement in the following steps:


Redesign a range of dressed crates to reduce total cost and improve safety during the packing process for the Schneider packaging team. Assist tangible supply chain efficiency and produce savings.


Integra worked closely with Martin Findling (Schneider Electric’s mechanical industrial engineer) and the Schneider packaging team at their Eagle Farm factory over a two-month period to redesign the range of five different-sized dressed crates and their internal fitments. Drawing on its group knowledge, Integra Packaging delivered a solution that reduced cost and risk.


The Integra team reduced the range of five different sized crates down to two units with the all-new, effective internal fitments, improving Schneider packaging times and total cost. With the crate redesign, Integra passed on procurement savings of $51,000 to their customer.

Customer response:

Schneider Electric appreciated Integra’s efforts to initiate the continuous improvement program around the dressed crates. Dave Ormesher said that the savings of $51,000 over eight months for the crate alone is great, but once the consumables and productivity improvements are added, the savings will exceed $100,000 per annum.

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