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LFM Moisture analysers from Intalysis to be used in BHP Billiton’s Iron Ore Expansion project

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article image The Iron ore expansion project at BHP Billiton

Intalysis  will deliver six more LFM moisture analysers for the Iron ore expansion project at BHP Billiton.

Engineered in Australia by the CSIRO, the LFM is a product in microwave moisture analysis. The development of the LFM was part of a larger BHP Billiton project, managing dust through their mine and ports as production expanded with the finer goethitic ores from Area C and Yandi. The project was recognised by BHP Billiton as the most successful environmental programme of 2006. Intalysis were recently awarded with the Frost and Sullivan 2008 Technology Innovation Award for moisture analysers in bulk materials.

The exponential rate of growth is a direct result of a series of ‘Rapid Growth Programmes’ (RGPs) which BHP Billiton has embarked on. With RGP3 ramping up to full capacity, BHP Billiton are currently working on RGP4 on Finucane Island and the Newman Hub.

The LFM moisture analyser continuously measures the moisture content of the iron ore, which is communicated to the plant control system. The plant control system determines how much water to spray onto the iron ore to prevent dust. The measurement needs to be accurate as even a small excess of moisture can cause handling problems if the ore becomes sticky which results in blockages and other production stoppages.

Intalysis were formed in the year October 2005, when CSIRO completed the commercialisation of the LFM moisture analysers. Intalysis have built over 80 LFM moisture analysers for customers in Australia, South Africa, Brazil and Europe for applications including iron ore, coal, bauxite and metallic sulphides.

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