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Transformer fluid and casein glues from Insulect Australia

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Insulect Australia  presents Dow Corning 561 silicone transformer fluid, a high performance dimethyl silicone insulating material for power transformers. 

Insulect is the local distributor for Dow Corning 561 silicone transformer liquid, an extremely stable material, both electrically and thermally that can maintain its insulating and cooling properties for extended periods of time, even at very high temperatures. 

Dow Corning 561 silicone transformer fluid offers superior chemical stability as well as excellent oxidation resistance, which prevents the formation of degradation products or sludging while its crystal clarity allows foreign materials to be detected at a glance.

Insulect also supplies Kaseinlim 2628, a casein-based laminating glue regularly used by the company in the fabrication of components for their transformer customers. Kaseinlim 2628 is also supplied to Insulect customers for their own laminating needs.

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