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Test and measurement instruments from Instrument Warehouse

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The products supplied by Instrument Warehouse include test and measurement instruments. These instruments include air velocity and appliance testers, chart recorders, calibrators, flow switches, electrical testers, food safety products, force and humidity gauges, HVAC instruments, tachometers and installation and insulation testers, to name a few.

Various kinds of thermometers are available from Instrument Warehouse. Most of these come in categories of hand held and fixed. One of the newest offerings of Instrument Warehouse is the hand held tachometer and RPM. This instrument is of Lutron make, the model being DT 1236. This tachometer has a range of 0.5 rpm - 100,000 rpm and a surface speed ranging from 0.05 m/s to 2000m/s. The tachometer comes with a 5-digit LCD unit and the accuracy level is 0.05%. The hand held tachometer from Instrument Warehouse comes with a carrying case.

Among the many speciality instruments currently being offered by Instrument Warehouse is the economy model of the paper less chart recorder with a1-6Ch video recorder of the 144x144 universal input VR-06 model. The video instrument offers a resolution of 640x480 pixels and the large screen. The chart recorder also comes with a “without plug in” configuration option.

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