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article image The Revo ultrasonic flowmeter

ULTRASONIC flowmeters are not normally used in applications where different fluids run through the same pipe (solid and liquid).

However, advances in technologies by Fuji Electric have developed the Revo ultrasonic flowmeter which uses both pulse Doppler and transit time technologies.

This advance in technologies in ultrasonic flowmeters is used by Instrument Project Engineering & Installations Pty Ltd , and has made measuring and monitoring fluids and solids in the same pipe possible and highly accurate.

This new advance in ultrasonic flowmeter technologies makes measuring and monitoring flows like wastewater, sewage, paper pulp and petroleum in a non-invasive manner possible and cost effective.

This Revo ultrasonic flowmeter will work in difficult applications where short pipe runs or undeveloped flows are present. The new ultrasonic flowmeter will provide the end user with an intelligent and cost affective solution for many flow applications.

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