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Fuji Electrics introduces new portable ultrasonic flowmeter

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A new portable ultrasonic flowmeter, which is suitable for wide range of applications, has been introduced by Fuji Electrics. Being portable and non intrusive it is ideal to locate water leaks or determine flow direction in service pipe. It can be used in chemical plants to measure chemical liquid which is corrosive or in the food and beverage processing plants for sanitary conditions or process water, and is well suited for checking mag flow calibration.

From Instrument Project Engineering & Installations Pty Ltd, the various applications where the new flowmeter can be used include water and sewer treatment plants, chemical plants, power plants and generating facilities (monitor flow of boiler), leek detection, food and beverage processors, processing plants, pumping efficiency, and QA calibration (check mag flow).

The Portable ultrasonic flowmeter can measure pipe diameters from 13mm to 6m and is highly accurate 1%.  The range is 0.3 to 32m/s.The response time is one second and with the sound velocity measurement system, temperature and pressures effect on measurement is negligible. Fuji Electrics portable ultrasonic flowmeter is less affected by bubbles than other ultrasonic flow meters due to the advanced Anti bubble measurement (ABM). The Fuji portable ultrasonic flow meter is very easy to use with it’s large LCD screen and simple operation and data logging through page selections.

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