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Fuji Electric wine temperature controller

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FUJI Electric has developed a temperature controller that is suitable for the wine-making industry.

Temperature control in the process of wine making is very important. All biological, physical and chemical processes are held in the grape or in the must (the unfermented juice) and determining the final character of the wine depend on the temperature.

The cooling or heating system allows the user to intervene in an active way in the processes being held in the vat during the wine making. These systems can modify these processes if necessary and direct them in the desired direction.

Available from Instrument Project Engineering & Installations Pty Ltd , the Fuji Electric PXG wine temperature controller allows different systems of cooling or heating and can be automated in a great measure using electronics control component and temperature controllers.

The control and the temperature control have an influence on the beginning of the fermentation and also the intensity of the fermentation.

The PXG wine temperature controller can also have a influence on the stabilisation of wine and temperature of stored wine.

Standard features include:

* Input PT100 0/150°C

* Two relay outputs (heat/cool)

* AC/DC 24V power supply

* One relay output (remounting/pumping over)

* One relay output (oxygenation)

* On/off or PID control.

Options include:

* Modbus communication for a SCADA link

* Three logical inputs could be added as a option to allow the activation of different modes (oxygenation, remounting, heat, cool) by external contacts

* One additional alarm is also available.

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