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Sensors and instrument products from Instrument Choice

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Instrument Choice  offers the latest electronic instruments and sensor technology across Australia. 

Instrument Choice staff possess all the necessary technical knowledge in order to assist each client's respective requirement. Instrument Choice offers services as per customer requirements at a competitive price. The products sold by Instrument Choice are made using the latest technology.

Instrument Choice provide a fifteen day money back guarantee to clients. Instrument Choice provides access to a wide range of sensor and instrument products from national and international suppliers.

The featured products offered by Instrument and Sensor include C309 - 4 Channel temperature logger and display, SL-4012 - Digital Sound Level Meter, Autorange & RS232, LM-8000 - 4 in 1 Anemometer, humidity, light meter, thermometer, LX102 - Digital Light Meter, TM919AL - Infrared Thermometer, 0.1 degree, laser guide, TM2000 - 3 in 1 Infra Red Thermometer + PT 100ohm + Type K/J/R/E/T, SynoLog-TDx - 2 Channel Temperature Data Logger With Display and Infrared Non-contact Thermometer. 

Instrument Choice offers a varied product range which includes: Environment Meters, Electronics, Data Loggers, Accessories, Temperature Sensors and various other meters.

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