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INSTROTECH 4-digit indicators may now be fitted with an optional vertical bar graph display. Option 3022 provides a graphic representation of the process being measured, while the 4-digit (-1999 to 9999) LED display gives an accurate digital readout.

Both the numeric display and bar graph are fully rangeable from the front panel pushbuttons.

Model 4001-3022 bar graph display is for analog inputs as well as for counting, frequency and speed. Onboard excitation is provided for various sensors, including potentiometers, proximity switches and transmitters.

Model 4003-3022 bar graph display provides readouts for RTDs and thermocouple types J, K, N, R, S, T, and W5.

Model 4004-3022 bar graph displays and powers inputs from strain gauges and load cells with a 6-wire sense feedback configuration to compensate for cable loss.

All models may be supplied with a choice of various other options, including up to 4 relays, serial, parallel, or analogue output, and ac or dc auxiliary supply.

Specifications, features and options for bar graph indicators are the same as those for the 4-digit models to which the bar graph displays are fitted.

These instruments have been tested and comply with Australian and New Zealand C-tick EMC and EMI regulations, and carry a factory 3-year material and workmanship warranty. Instrotech Australia 08 8373 5677.

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