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article image CALOG-Press pressure unit.

THE range of handheld calibrators available from Instrotech has been expanded with the introduction of the new CALOG-Press pressure unit.

This Calog model is supplied with a high accuracy pressure transmitter for any customer-specified range up to 1,000 bar.

Many functions make the CALOG-Press a functional and user friendly device. Pressure may be displayed in bar, mbar, kPa, MPa, psi, m or in of H2O, mm or cm or in of mercury, kg/cm2, or atmospheres.

There is onboard help for the various terminal connection combinations and an onboard pressure units conversion calculator. When the graphics display is selected the user may define the Trend time interval.

CALOG-Press communicates directly with pressure transmitters which have serial output or both analogue and serial outputs. Keller and Wika pressure transmitter types are currently catered for, but the firmware may be configured for other makes.

The Keller Model 33 supplied with the CALOG-Press has a standard accuracy of 0.05% total error. An optional 0.02% accuracy version may be ordered at extra cost, which puts this pressure calibration system into the realm of deadweight tester accuracy.

In addition to the pressure facility, CALOG-Press measures sources and simulates milliamps, measures voltage, and tests for continuity.

User definable functions include display of actual value, percentage, trend logging, increment, auto step, auto ramp and valve stroking. The built-in transmitter power supply is designed for use with sensors, transmitters, PLCs and SCADA systems.

The user-friendly 'key-per-digit' function simplifies numeric selection by means of five individual up/down keys. Other programmable functions are auto-off, restart at last setting, selectable display resolution and backlighting level.

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