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Dual input process indicators

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article image Model 4015 is a 4-digit panel indicator while Model 5015 is the 5½-digit version.

INSTROTECH has released two new dual channel process indicators for use in applications requiring two analogue inputs and a single display.

Each channel may be configured for mA or voltage input and programmed individually for zero and span. Dual excitation is provided for use with two separate 2-wire and 3-wire transmitters.

Applications include the display of Channel A or Channel B individually or as a combined display. The combinations may also show the resultant display of the two channel added (summed), subtracted (differential), multiplied together or divided.

For example, humidity and temperature inputs may be displayed separately, while two pressure inputs may be subtracted for a differential display.

Many options may be ordered such as up to four alarm relays, analogue, serial and parallel output, among the 22 variants available. The 48 x 96mm enclosures have IP65 front panels, while power supplies may be ac or dc.

Tested and complying with the required C-Tick EMC and EMI regulations, a three-year guarantee is standard on all Instrotech instruments.

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