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Calog-TEMP hand held calibrator from Instrotech

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article image Calog-TEMP hand held calibrator from Instrotech

Calog-TEMP, now available from Instrotech ,  is a hand-held calibrator which is made for testing, measuring and calibrating all Thermocouple and RTD based systems. Its small size, rugged design, rubber protective boot, high precision, logging facility and long-lasting re-chargeable lithium ion battery pack makes it well suited to industrial field calibration.

Using the simultaneous, isolated, combination of Thermocouple or RTD sourcing and mA measuring it is possible to calibrate any Tc/mA or RTD/mA temperature transmitter. The mA measurement can be passive with a remote supply or active 4-20mA 2-wire with the Calog-TEMP generating the 24VDC loop supply.

The accurate mA measure and source on the calibrator allows it to be used for all mA loop testing and instrument calibration. For temperature monitoring over time Calog calibrators may be set in trend mode with a selectable timebase to graph a temperature profile. This is ideal for testing ovens or for optimising PID temperature controllers. Data may be logged to the removable SD card in CSV format, with user-selectable data fields and timebase.


  • Small, rugged, handheld with a protective rubber cover
  • Graphic display of measured value, percent and battery status  
  • Measure, source and simulate 0-24 mA with 0.01% accuracy and 1 microamp resolution  
  • Continuity test function  
  • Trend logging with programmable timebase  
  • Datalogging to SD card with programmable fields and timers  
  • Displays values in mA and % or % and mA  
  • Programmable auto-off, restart at last setting and selectable display resolution  
  • Measure and source types K, J, T, B, R, S, E, N, U and L thermocouples  
  • Configurable internal or manual cold-junction compensation  
  • Accuracy better than 0.01% of FS excluding CJ errors and TC errors with 0.1°C resolution  
  • Measure and source Pt50, Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100 and Ni120 
  • Simultaneously source thermocouples or RTD's and measure
  • Measure and source Ohms and RTD in 2, 3 or 4-wire configurations  
  • Measure and source -10 to 100 mV with 0.01% accuracy and 1 microvolt resolution  
  • Measure and source 0 to 24mA with 0.02% accuracy and 1 microamp resolution  
  •  °C, °F, Kelvin or Rankine  
  • Lithium Ion battery pack with 'fuel gauge' chip  
  • Built-in 24V transmitter power supply  
  • Carry case, charger and test leads supplied as standard  
  • 1 year guarantee, excluding batteries

Calog-TEMP is supplied in a durable case with cables and mains charger with a non-slip rubber boot for the UL94 V-O flame retardant ABS plastic IP54 dust and splash proof housing. Local calibration facilities are available from Instrotech or an approved laboratory via factory supplied calibration access code.

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