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Safety of Machinery workshops by the IICA in conjunction with Amtil will be held across Australia

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In conjunction with Amtil, the Institute of Instrumentation, Control & Automation Australia is holding Safety of Machinery workshops across Australia.

The following areas covered in the Safety of Machinery course are:

  • Risk assessment and law – the understanding of the law requirement and risk assessment procedures to ensure minimisation of risk by correct design. Covers basic principles of AS 4024, AS 62061(SIL’s).
  • Design - Understanding of how risk assessment must lead to a design criteria for safety related parts of control systems and the key elements of validation. Assessing of global requirements for guarding, all interlocking types, unexpected start-up and emergency stop design. The vital importance of safe suspension and how it works. How to achieve all this with maximum productivity as a core value
  • Ergonomics - Learn how to use the standard tables for correct guard design and positioning. Understand best practice for displays, control actuators, visual and audio signals and marking. Discover how to apply this vital standard to your workplace machinery, plant and equipment, whilst minimising risk by design without relying on human behaviour, as required by law

The course is recommended for the following professions:

  • Machinery designers and manufacturers
  • OEM’s
  • Machinery importers and suppliers
  • Electricians
  • Technicians and operators
  • OH&S professionals
  • Managers and supervisors

The Safety of Machinery Workshop be held at the following locations and dates:

  • Hobart TAS – 29th June
  • Gladstone QLD – 27th July
  • Mackay QLD – 3rd Aug
  • Werribee VIC – 10th Aug
  • Newcastle NSW – 17th Aug
  • Brisbane QLD – 31st Aug
  • Adelaide SA – 7th Sep
  • Albury NSW – 15th Sep
  • Perth WA – 4th Oct
  • Warrnambool VIC – 25th Oct


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