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Materials handling systems such as conveyors and hoppers from Instalair

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Instalair  manufactures different types of air systems as well as materials handling systems. Materials handling systems from Instalair include screw conveyors, chain conveyors, air canons, vibrators, hoppers and augers. Screw conveyors designed as well as manufactured by Instalair are suitable for both commercial as well as industrial applications. Screw conveyors are primarily used for the movement of collected products from one storage vessel to another vessel without the aid of air pressure.

Chain conveyors from Instalair prove to be an effective conveying method that enables to avoid damage to finished or sensitive products. Air cannons can be installed to various storage hoppers or silos that help in the movement of concentrated or difficult products. These air canons do not possess moving parts and specifically designed to work with little compressed air. Vibrators provided by Instalair are suited to be used in conjunction with storage hoppers, silos and chutes. These vibrators can also be used for cleaning filter socks as well as cartridges in dust collectors.

Instalair manufactures purpose built, mobile, fixed as well as storage hoppers possessing small to large holding capacities. These have been specifically designed to easily fit various air as well as conveyor systems.

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