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Modular fixturing system

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THE Rayco CMM fixture is a modular fixturing system designed for use with Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs). In the market place since 1988, Rayco is the most widely used modular fixturing system.

Available through Inspexi International , it is helping to increase productivity in thousands of companies worldwide; from aerospace, appliance, automotive, electronics, industrial, and medical.

The system components are simple to set up and can be quickly rearranged in configurations limited only by the user's imagination. Various size base plates with threaded holes M8 and 1/2" on centre are available to fit specific needs.

Traditional fixturing, such as step clamps, glue, tape, and dedicated fixtures are cumbersome, unrepeatable, costly, and time consuming. The Rayco modular fixturing system was designed to eliminate these problems.

By the use of various components and base plate sizes, the Rayco fixture has the versatility to adapt to your application no matter what the part material, shape, or size.

Whether it is a large sheet metal part for an airplane, a heavy cast iron or aluminum engine block, or a small delicate plastic part for a cell phone antenna, this system has the versatility to adapt to all applications.

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