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Inquip  is the State distributor for the WAM range of bulk materials handling equipment.  

The company offers a range of dust collectors for use in silo or hopper applications.  

Older cement silo dust collectors or bin vents are beginning to struggle with the volume of air being pumped into the silo by modern pneumatic cement road tankers.  

The older and smaller dust collectors cannot cope with the air volume and clog up, causing the pressure to build up and the bags to fail. As a result, the dust collector does not operate correctly and the cement escapes from the silo during filling.  

Many of the older dust collectors are Ø600 or square, where the required standard now is Ø800.  

Inquip has developed a simple conical upstand, which connects the Ø800 dust collector to the original silo opening. The company has also been able to successfully retrofit the WAM Silotop R03 dust collector to many of these older silos.  

The WAM R03 Silotop dust collector is a compact low maintenance dust collector with seven rectangular pleated cartridges, which provide 24m² filter area.  

The dust collector is fitted with a reverse pulse cleaning system to keep the cartridges clean.  

A pressure differential switch can be integrated to the dust collector control for automatic on/off function, with 4-20 mAmp feedback to PLC if parameters are to be monitored on or off-site.  

Due to its compact low profile, dust collector service and filter cartridge inspection can be carried out on the silo without the need for additional safety steps or gantries.  

The replacement of old leaking dust collectors with new WAM R03 Silotop dust collectors provides improvements in both environmental and OHS areas.  

Inquip can customise a WAM R03 Silotop dust collector to suit any silo or hopper application.

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