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Polished vessels, reactors, pressure vessels and atmospheric tanks from Inox

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Process vessels

Inox Fabrications builds polished vessels, reactors, pressure vessels and atmospheric tanks to meet the special needs of many industries.

State of the art production machinery and design facilities give Inox Fabrications the control necessary to offer flexible service and quality assurance. Inox Fabrications regularly work with a broad range of materials, including 304 S/S, 316 S/S and SAF 2205. Inox offers a combination of engineering and manufacturing resources that few companies can match.

Inox Fabrications face the challenges of the hygienic processing industry with applied knowledge and offer a range of specialised processing, mixing and storage tanks to suit your requirements. All equipment meets the high quality engineering standards. Correct agitator and mixer designs ensure correct distribution from one blade to another for almost any type of product and density.

Inox’s fabrication plant conforms to strict AS 1210 code of practice for pressure vessel design and complies with workcover guidelines.

Inox Fabrications offer a complete range of process solutions from design and supply to a completely engineered system with installation, commissioning, automation and control.

A range of vessel accessories are available for any type of pressure vessel, which include sight/light glass, pressure manways, sample points, etc.

Jacketted cooking kettles

Primarily used in the food, dairy and beverage industry for soups, processed sauces and other food products requiring cooking and cooling. A horizontal scraped surface agitator ensures even distribution of heat throughout the product and reduces burn-on.

The horizontal agitator also provides good mixing particularly with product containing


Mixing tanks

Mixing tanks of varying types are designed and manufactured to specification and can have the following features:

Full open top/hinged covers, atmospheric dome top complete with manway. Sloped cone or dished bottom, any type of fittings, ie: BSM. Tri clover or other.

Cooling/heating jacket

Top entry or side entry product agitator - mechanical seals: standard and steam flush units for aseptic processing.

Agitators: total sweep, mixing propellors and scraper blade type to ensure good heat transfer and correct mixing action

A wide range of internal finishes including electropolishing are available for all applications. All welding is passivated and leak tested.


Silos to 100,000 litre capacity are designed and manufactured in Inox’s workshop. Cooling or heating jackets to lower or all sections of silos are offered. Side or top entry agitators are fitted depending on the application.

CIP (clean in place) sprayballs and agitator spray nozzles are mounted in key position to ensure absolute cleanliness between batches. Safe and robust access ladders and platforms can also be supplied for maintenance and inspection purposes.

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