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New model single shaft ribbon blender available from Inox Fabrications

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article image 8000L single shaft ribbon blender

Inox blending results in uniformity and accurate mixing of all ingredients that includes granular, heavy density, plastics and pigments to light dry, fine powders and wet product.

Inox blenders are constructed for rugged, heavy duty production. The tough construction is fully welded for maximum strength to meet sanitary requirements.

All machine surfaces are clean and smooth for sanitation purposes and minimal waste with no internal projecting screws, nuts, bolts, pockets or ledges.

All corners are rounded to avoid material build-up which may cause contamination. This practice is standard for all processing equipment manufactured by Inox Fabrications.

Inox Fabrications  recently completed design and construction of a large 8000L single shaft ribbon blender which is being used in for manufacture of explosive materials in the mining industry.

Constructed of 304 SS, the dimple plate trough allows for water cooling or heating of the lower trough section.

Specially designed shaft seal are incorporated into the single shaft design.

The ribbon effectively blends/mixes product and discharges through a centrally located bottom knife gate valve operated pneumatically.

Batch consistency is achieved by load cells mounted to the base of the blender and controlled through a control panel with the load cell system.

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