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Mixing tanks available from Inox Fabrications

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Inox Fabrications'  mixing tanks are built and finished to the high standards required for the food, beverage, chemical and allied industries.

The mixing tanks have an agitator impellor driven by a pneumatically operated drive with quick coupling air fittings.

The agitator shaft seal is a stuffing box arrangement and is easily accessible for maintenance.

A stainless steel manway located in the top of the tank is hinged for easy access and inspection of the agitator blades.

A removable or fixed safety grate is also optional.

Various paddle and impellor designs are available including swept surface and scraped surface agitators.

The tank shell is welded to a robust stainless steel base which also has forklift lifting points for easy mobility.

Other options include tank shell dimple plate for water or steam circulation for heating or cooling purposes.

Mixing tanks can also be insulated and clad in stainless steel.

  • 304 S/S or 316 S/S construction
  • 120 grit polished
  • 180 grit polished
  • Glass bead

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