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Inox Fabrications introduces mobile low level Mixer and Instantiser

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article image Mobile low level Mixer and Instantiser

Inox Fabrications has recently developed mobile low level Mixer and Instantiser, which is a combination of a high shear mixer and scraped surface agitator system in one compact unit.

The equipment incorporates a jacketed vessel and scraped surface agitator for efficient heat transfer and product particulate suspension coupled with an impellor mounted in a lower sump, which is used for the more turbulent mixing processes.

Product recirculation can also be designed into the system.

The removable loading table is easily mounted on the side of the unit where a hinged lid and safety grating allow for easy product addition.

The height of the unit is 1 metre at the loading table for manual loading and the lower frame is designed for fork lift pickup

Options include:

  • Removable loading table and trolley.
  • Easy operation and control.
  • Various agitator designs.
  • Dimple plate heated.
  • Specially designed paddle agitation for gentle product handling.
  • Available with built in CIP sprayball.
  • Standard or flushed type mechanical seal.
  • Easy removable guards for access to motor and timing belt pulleys.
  • Dust extraction cone.

All Stainless steel construction and food grade finish is standard.

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