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High speed mixer introduced by Inox Fabrications

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Inox Fabrications has introduced high speed mixing Instantiser, now available for test runs and product trials where a highly aggressive mixing action is required.

Many products which require mixing and the addition of several additives during the mixing procedure can benefit from the Inox unique impellor design coupled with the vessel shape to produce faster and more effective mixing results.

The high speed mixing demo unit comes with a variable speed drive for fine tuning of batch mixing, product inlet is via a hinged top and outlet is via a 2” bsm fitting.

The demo unit is finished to food grade standards and is perfect for mixing a wide range of products.

Inox Instantisers rapidly dissolve and disperse viscous solids, semi solids and powders more effectively than any other system.



  • Stabilising gums and emulsifiers such as sugar, CMC, guar and gelatine
  • Hard or frozen products such as butter, frozen cream, caseinates, juice concentrates and whey solids
  • Sugars, dextrose and lactose


  • Such products as tomato paste for sauces or concentrated fruit purees for pastries and puddings.


  • Powders such as flour or cocoa powder


  • Rework ice cream for re-use or refreeze


  • Powdered eggs, milk, whey, potato for dips and batters

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