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Compact Mobile CIP (Clean-in-Place) unit from Inox Fabrications Australia

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Permanent CIP (Clean-in-Place) tank set installations for small to medium food manufacturers more often than do not suit small plants. The reason is, because of the required piping, valves and tanks, and the floor space required to house these systems.

Inox Fabrications Australia  have developed a compact CIP device suitable for most food and beverage manufacturers. Connection of the Mobile CIP unit to a process vessel or tank fitted with a spray-ball or a CIP valve is simple and cleaning is effective.

A batch of water and cleaning solvents are pre mixed in the tank and the water and cleaning solvents come in a range of volumes or customised size for specific requirements. At completion of the cleaning processes, the CIP-Mobile which is mounted on S/S castor wheels is easily returned to the storage room for later use.

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