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iICE Validator has gone through a major upgrade as the first step to becoming compliant with the new GDSN data pool called GS1net. GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network) is a global standard used for data synchronisation between business organisations that engage in electronic commerce.

Over the past six years, EANnet has been used by major Australian retailers such as Coles and Metcash to align their product master data using established industry standards. With its introduction in July 2007, GS1net will supersede the current EANnet data pool.

Innovit , a leading provider of product data management and master data arrangement solutions provides a range of software products designed to help suppliers and retailers to validate and synchronise their product catalogues using global data pools like GS1net.

Innovit’s iICE Validator tools have by far been its popular product for the management and uploading of EANnet related product data. Over the past six months, Innovit has been working with companies to enhance the iICE Validator in readiness for the launch of GS1net. This process has lead to many additional features being added to the software for users.

On one the key requirements of GS1net is the support for XML file transfers. In late 2006, Innovit launched its new version of the iICE Validator. The new version of the iICE Validator supports both flat file and XML file transfers, and allows users to create product catalogues in XML formats for greater flexibility. Towards May 2007, Innovit will release its GS1net-certified version of the iICE Validator.

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