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Innovit’s iICE solutions for GS1net data pools certified for all industries by GS1 Australia

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Launched in September 2007, GS1net is an Australasian data pool for consumer goods suppliers to synchronise their electronic catalogues and pricing information with retailers and buyers.

GS1net presently supports the groceries, liquor and healthcare industries. Over 1,200 suppliers of Coles, Woolworths and Metcash need to complete their GS1net migration by March 31 2008.

Many of the suppliers that currently populate product catalogues on EANnet do this with the aid of a middleware solution. Middleware solutions are software programmes that streamline the process of data gathering, data validation, and publishing correctly formatted electronic catalogues to data pools.

GS1net is an entirely different platform to EANnet. In most cases, suppliers will need to either upgrade, or replace their current middleware solution.

GS1 Australia, the custodians of the GS1net data pool has developed an accreditation program for software vendors that supply middleware solutions for GS1net.

GS1net-certification is designed to objectively test the ability of a software programme to meet the data requirements of GS1net for all industries that use this data pool.

For suppliers that need to purchase GS1net software, this accreditation program will provide them with the assurance that certified products adhere to strict industry standards for catalogue data synchronisation.

Innovit, a GS1 Business Alliance partner since 2004, has been working alongside GS1 Australia to assist their members with a range of iICE Product Data Management (PDM) systems that allow suppliers to manage their product catalogues more efficiently for EANnet and GS1net.

GS1 Australia, on the 11th of January 2008, announced that Innovit’s iICE PDM solutions have completed the GS1net accreditation program, and are certified for item/price data for all active industries in GS1net.

“Data synchronisation is now an essential requirement for day-to-day e-commerce transactions” explains Bang Chau, CEO of Innovit.

“Suppliers to Coles, Woolworths and Metcash need the assurance that GS1net middleware products have been officially certified to support the standards of all industries that participate in GS1net”.

“Over the past five years, Global Data Synchronisation (GDS) has become a truly global phenomenon” said Mr Chau.

In Australasia, we see data synchronisation using data pools like GS1net becoming a standard business process. Becoming GS1net-certified for all industries clearly demonstrates our commitment to providing leading edge software solutions to business”.

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