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Innovit launches iICE Validator software for EANnet

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For companies operating in the retail industry, data synchronisation has now become an essential component of daily business transactions. EANnet, GS1 Australia’s online data pool provides the mechanism for companies to align their product master data using established industry standards.

With over 350 supplier catalogues, and a host of data recipients that include Coles and Metcash, two of Australia’s large supermarket and liquor retail chains, EANnet has become the dominant industry‑based platform for data synchronisation.

Innovit Australia is a leading provider of product data management solutions. Since 1999, their iICE suite of products has been the cornerstone of data management practice for companies such as Blackwoods, National Foods, Repco, and Valvoline.  Utilising the technology and industry standards, each iICE system provides sophisticated and powerful tools to help develop product data management processes that are seamless to the end user.

At this year’s Impetus Conference, Innovit launched its range of EANnet data synchronisation tools. Fully certified by GS1 Australia, the iICE Validator and the iICE Express products are tools designed to help suppliers and retailers in validating and synchronising their product catalogues using global data pools like EANnet. These products not only meet the existing requirements of EANnet, but will also scale to support the forthcoming GDSN‑compliant platform called GS1net, which will support the use of RFID technology in the retail supply chain.

iICE Validator is a set of data validation and synchronisation tools designed for suppliers to manage their product catalogues for EANnet, and soon GS1net.

iICE Express, is a comprehensive Product Data Management platform for smaller suppliers designed to help fast track practice in product data management. iICE Express is pre‑configured with EANnet rules & templates, as well as supporting downloadable forms for major grocery, liquor and pharmaceutical retailers.

As part of their overall launch of iICE Validator, and for a limited time, Innovit will be inviting companies to register and download a free copy of the iICE Validator software. 

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