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GS1net’s largest catalogue (12,500 GTINs) loaded by iICE

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GS1net has been significantly increased by the successful loading of its largest supplier catalogue. Steel & Tube Ltd, one of New Zealand’s major hardware suppliers has loaded their entire product and price catalogue on GS1net to meet B2B trading compliance with Mitre 10.

“Creating a GS1net catalogue has been a major initiative within our company” said Noel Spiers from Steel & Tube. “To ensure the sustainability of such a sizable catalogue, we invested in iICE Validator for GS1net - a certified middleware product from Innovit. iICE Validator allowed us to integrate to our back-end system, but more importantly provide a gateway to ensure our catalogue was validated and correct prior to loading to GS1net. Using iICE Validator made the entire flow of data from our back-end systems seamless. The ‘one button upload’ process within iICE makes uploads fast and simple.” 

Innovit CEO Mr Bang Chau explained that the benefits of using GS1net certified middleware tools are not just for companies with large catalogues. “Loading and publishing any size GS1net catalogue can be quite complex. The myriad of workflow messages and system touchpoints can make the whole process confusing and time consuming. Our iICE Validator ‘one button upload’ performs all the online steps for loading and publishing, without the need for users to log into GS1net or the online validator.”

“In some industries, supplier catalogues rarely change” said Mr Chau. “Middleware tools like iICE can greatly improve sustainability. Software encapsulates a process, and allows you to more easily transfer this knowledge to more people. Using manual spreadsheets are uncontrollable, and the many log-ins to the GS1net systems are lost or forgotten at the most critical time.”

Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest healthcare manufacturer is the latest addition to Innovit’s family of iICE users. With a catalogue size in excess of 44-thousand GTINs, workflow solutions from Innovit will ensure the ongoing data maintenance and validation will be sustainable for years to come.

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