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White ‘squeezable’ label film

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article image Rayoface WZPA is ideal for squeezable bottles and tubes.

INNOVIA Films is expanding its market leading range of ‘squeezable’ label facestock films.

The latest development is Rayoface WZPA, a high performance white pigmented film, designed for demanding applications requiring resilient conformability on flexible containers.

Ideal for squeezable shampoo bottles and shower products, lotions and cream tubes, as well as condiments and packaging containers, WZPA features new polymer technology and offers an alternative to traditional vinyl and polyethylene label substrates.

WZPA successfully complements the clear Rayoface CZPA that has enjoyed marked success in the marketplace since its introduction.

The labels stock producer, the printer and the end-user can all benefit from the ability to use both the clear and white versions of this ground-breaking BOPP film.

WZPA benefits from Innovia Films' unique proprietary print-receptive top coat, which ensures excellent ink adhesion and scratch resistance.

The film may be printed using all the conventional ink systems and print processes and is suitable for applications involving exposure to moisture in both hot and cold environments.

The 56μ film combines the performance characteristics of bubble produced by biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) with the additional squeeze performance typical of polyethylene films.

Rayoface WZPA films have high, balanced tensile strength and low elongation, coupled with a high dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. This gives excellent register control during printing and die cutting operations.

The films' balanced orientation means sophisticated shapes can be evenly die-cut without feathering around the edges and corners of the label and matrix stripping is trouble-free.

In addition, this exceptional dimensional stability results in a label film that does not undergo permanent deformation after squeezing, a phenomenon typically exhibited by lower strength conformable films.

BOPP is resistant to salts, oils and moisture and may be recycled with the polyolefin container.

In contrast to the vinyl films used in squeezable label applications, WZPA is free from chlorine and plasticisers.

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